Is straddle bicycle saddle a poor design?

The straddle-type bicycle saddle is a poor design, it is fixed.

When riding a bicycle, both feet and buttocks must move while the saddle is fixed, so there will be resistance and friction. If you want to try long-term riding, your crotch will hurt, and for males it may even affect the function of genital.

Professional designers in many companies still try to figure out a solution, but they have been spinning on the wrong direction, they are only thinking about improving the straddle saddle. Many other non-professionals in Taiwan are also try to find a way to solve this problem. There are horizontal saddles, left and right separation saddles, or even synchronizing-type saddles. But a single function cannot solve the problem. Only  EasyBike synchronizing saddles contain all the above functions, provide bicycle enthusiasts with another option.


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