What’s the difference between EasyBike synchronizing saddles and ordinary saddles?

Easybike cushion

Easybike cushion

A unique design

EasyBike synchronizing saddle is an innovative design. Its left and right saddles are separated so the left and right hips of the rider sit on the saddles respectively. The left and right saddles move synchronously and in the same direction as the rider step on the pedals.


  1. Remove traditional front nose design, so it will not oppress the physiological organs of the rider, and will not be paralyzed or hurt after long-term riding.
  2. The riding area is widened horizontally, which makes the riding more comfortable.
  3. The shallow basin-shaped saddle surface that conforms to the shape of the hips makes a more comfortable ride and prevents the rider from slipping out of the saddles.
  4. The left and right saddles are synchronized with the pedaling action respectively. That is, the saddles and the pedals are synchronized and move in the same direction, makes no friction between the buttocks and the saddles. It is a riding method that integrates the bicycle and its rider, which makes riding bicycle more labor-saving. The riders can ride longer time and travel longer distances in a relatively comfortable state. What’s more, there is no adverse sequelae (like genital paralysis etc.).

Synchronizing saddle has a special riding method, which is a bit like “standstill”.

While in riding, moves the body’s center of gravity from the saddles through the foot steps onto the pedals, so the weight of the body is added to the foot on the pedals. At the same time, rider should control the body with your hands and keep the balance of the bicycle by swinging the body along the direction. If you ride in this way, you can ride for a longer time and farther.

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